Privacy & Data Handling Policy

How did you obtain my details?

It is believed that your details have been obtained by Acorn Architectural solely for the purpose of providing quotation(s), invoicing and other project/business related information. Your information may have been collected manually either via email, in person or by telephone or through filling out our contact form on our website.

What information have you obtained?

Data obtained is usually gathered at point(s) of contact and can include but is not limited to: name, address, post code and contact details. You are able to request your information for review and also have the right to have your data removed, please see the relevant sections below.

Where is my data held?

Information collected via our contact form on our website is sent securely to us for processing. Your data if releveant will then be transferred to our internal CRM (Customer Record Management) application provided by Digital Assistant Laboratories (dalab) data is stored and processed within a secure database held within a cloud (Internet) environment.

What will my data be used for?

Your data should only be used for the purpose of aiding Acorn Architectural with providing you with relevant/requested information regarding your enquiry.

Is my data shared?

Your data will never be shared by Digital Assistant Laboratories (dalab) with any other organisation or company unless asked to do so legally. Your information may be shared by Acorn Architectural depending on how your data is to be processed e.g. passed to project managers, structural engineers etc. If you feel your data has been shared without consent or have failed to have requests for such information regarding data handling by Acorn Architectural answered please contact who will aid you in your request/complaint.

How do I remove my data?

Please contact Acorn Architectural to have you information remvoed.

I have further questions, who do I contact?

Please contact who will be happy to discuss anything that is not covered above.

Useful contact details:

Acorn Architectural
3 Oxford Mews
32-36 Langley Rd
SN15 1BX
01249 465 578

Digital Assistant Laboratories (dalab)

Information Commissioner's Office

Documented Created 20 April 2018
Last modified 17 May 2018